Who is Your Favorite Writer and Book?

I like Haruki Murakami. He is a Japanese writer whose his books have been translated into various languages . His books which I’ve read were Norwegian Wood, 1Q84, Kafka on the Shore, Hear the Wind Sing, and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I like his storytelling way. Although it seemed to be long-winded, but I love his novels. I thought, he tried to describe anything which could make the story more flowing. For some readers, his novels are considered too heavy to read but not for me. His novel most I love is 1Q84 because he described the characters in meticulous, in-depth and has characteristic each others. Even, I still don’t understand who were the meaning of The Little People but it were the key of the story. How could it be they come out from ears and mouth of someone? Thas’s so imposible, right? What it was just metaphor? I hope so. Once more the reason why I like Murakami’s novels is his metaphor way. This month, he just launched the new book in USA. The tittle is Killing Commendatore. Who is your favorite writer and book?


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